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CCS Collect is a debt recovery company.

They buy debt that is in arrears from finance companies, telecommunications suppliers and other companies that you may have fallen behind on your repayments to. Despite them usually buying the debt for much less than you owe, they will often chase you for the full amount of the debt.

Many debt recovery companies have been accused of trying to force customers to pay more than they can afford each month. This breaks rules set out by The Office of Fair Trading.

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Here’s some information we’ve collected about this creditor. Please note this information may not be up to date and was accurate at the last time we updated it (September 2011).

Company Name - CCS Collect

  • Correspondence Address
  • 797 London Road
    Thornton Heath
    CR7 6YY
  • Reg Company Number
  • 02326104
  • Parent Company
  • N/A
  • Registered Address
  • Commercial Collection Services Ltd
    797 London Road
    Thornton Heath
    CR7 6YY
  • Consumer Credit Licence
  • 0455024
  • Website
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  • Mark Jordan 28/02/2012   10:33:25
    "More Professional"

    I always answer the phone with my name, but my address, which is 22 Beans on Toast Road, Eggs Over Easy, Fried Bread on Side IM66 6FU is not on their computer. They will not speak to me without confirming the data they have, which is obviously wrong. Today they asked me my previous address and I said "Do you mean the one on Bacon Hill" and he put the phone down. I have asked them to change the address on their computer so they can speak to me, but they won't, which is sad.

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  • Iain 20/02/2012   13:52:04
    "CCS Collect"

    CCS were trying to recover an alleged debt of £1,732.10 from me. A debt I do not recognise so requested a copy of the Consumer Credit Agreement back in November. They sent some statements which were not recognised. They were informed of this and once again a request for a copy of the Consumer Credit Agreement went in along with the £1 statutory fee. Instead of providing the said agreement, as required to under the law. CCS Collect decided to simply pass the account on to another organisation iQor. That company unlike CCS are being co-operative and have sent details in writing so action can be taken against CCS. It is disgraceful that a company believes it can ride rough shod over the law of this country and by passing tried to implicate another company in being complicit in breaking the law.

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