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Capital One is one of the World's largest credit card providers.

Their typical APR ranges from 9.9% for customers with excellent credit histories to 34.9% for customers who either need to build or rebuild their credit histories.

In the 1st 6 months of 2010, the Financial Ombudsman Service received 1,662 complaints about Capital One's credit card and insurance services, making them the 11th most complained about finance company in the UK.

A massive 64% of complaints received about them were ruled in favour of the customer, meaning that more often than not, customers win in disputes with Capital One.

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Here’s some information we’ve collected about this creditor. Please note this information may not be up to date and was accurate at the last time we updated it (September 2011).

Company Name - Capital One

  • Correspondence Address
  • Po Box 5282
    NG2 3YH
  • Reg Company Number
  • 3879023
  • Parent Company
  • Capital One Bank (Europe) plc
  • Registered Address
  • 350 Euston Road
    NW1 3JJ
  • Consumer Credit Licence
  • 489354
  • Website
  • What do our customers think

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  • sharon 24/04/2013   14:08:39
    "never heard of data protection"

    I have missed a payment, emailed them said my phone is broke,either email on my email or via their secure message, the account is in my name only,some how they have got my husbands phone number and keep ringing him, he has nothing to do with the account, surely this is breaking the data protection act? they have now stopped me from sending a msg from my account? the only way i can contact them. i asked could they stop default charges as this will make it harder to pay and still they havent sent me an email.xx

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  • hayley 19/08/2011   12:06:19
    "my experience with capital one"

    i became unemployed in february 2011 and i informed capitalone of my situation and they said they will do there up most to help me.......well where do i start i took me 4 months for them to help me make a claim with was insuccessful as they said i have no insurence but i have 3 years worth of statement to prove that i am paying insurence but that dont seem good enough for them,they call me day in day out even evenings and weekends asking me to make a payment,i wrote to them and offered to pay them £10 amonth until i find work and they DECLINED IT and told me my account had me sold to a debt collections company then on the next call i got from them i told them about this and the again DENIED all knowledge of them sending me a letter stateing this.i am over my limit still and still looking for work and the call contuine,i have now offered them £20 a month and i have not heard a word from them saying this would be accaptable.i would NEVER EVER have got a credit card with them if i new this would happen to my.........i dont no when this nightmare with capital one will of if it will ever end

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