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Comet is an electrical retailer. They operate online and in over 250 stores across the UK.

Their store cards are provided by Santander Cards and have a typical APR of 24.9%.

If you miss a payment on an Evans card, or exceed your agreed limit you will usually be charged for doing so. These charges can soon pile up, making it even harder to get out of debt, which we think is wrong.

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Company Name - Comet - Store Card

  • Company Address
  • Financial Solutions Department
    Po Box 700
    LS99 2BD
  • Reg Company Number
  • 2294747
  • Parent Company
  • Santander Cards UK Limited
  • Consumer Credit Licence
  • 265029
  • Website
  • What do our customers think

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  • Julie Riley 29/03/2011   18:32:31
    "Paid off the card"

    I have been paying extra every month to pay this debt off. My last payment was for £131.64 which was paid off in full. I have never received a statement saying that I still owe some money, yet on checking my credit reference I have defaulted and still owe £2. Really annoyed as this has damaged my credit reference. Shall be ringing them to sort this out!!

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  • mattyisgreatest 20/07/2010   10:13:02
    "high interest but good"

    I bought a new LCD TV and stand from Comet and was offered an edge card which I have had now for over two years. I have had no problems with it, so long as you keep up with your payments you won't go far wrong. Yes the interest is a bit on the high side at around 24% apr but if you pay off a little more than your minimum payment then you can't go wrong. If I had one negative about the edge card it would be that there is not alot of other stores that accept edge. I have only used it in Comet and Halfords, I think you can also use it in Ernest Jones Jewellers. On the whole it is great for conveience and I will carry on using it. I recomend it for buying large items such as TVs and White Goods.

    Jason 21/03/2011   14:05:26

    I bought a laptop last year on a buy it now pay later thing. After nine months they tried to direct debit the full amount from my bank (I was told they would only direct debit the min. payment). There was not enough funds in my bank to cover it so i got charged from the bank and the edge card. I then cancelled the direct debit and made an online payment each month for 3 months. These payment were not showing up on my statements so i rang asked how much I owed them and payed it off in full over the phone.Despite paying it off in full I have just recieved another statement saying I owe £15.18. I have been totally ripped off by this scam company who have not got a clue how to run a business. I am just about to ring them again. Please wish me luck, as when you ring them they do not understand english.

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