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Fredrickson International is a debt recovery company.

They buy debt that is in arrears from finance companies, telecommunications suppliers and pretty much any other type of company that people may have fallen behind on their repayments with.

Usually CL Finance will buy debt from creditors for a fraction of what you owe, but like most debt recovery companies, they will usually chase you for the full amount.

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Company Name - Fredrickson International

  • Correspondence Address
  • Po Box 260
    KT13 0YH
  • Reg Company Number
  • 02679522
  • Parent Company
  • N/A
  • Registered Address
  • Fifth Floor
    7-10 Chandos Street
    W1G 9DQ
  • Consumer Credit Licence
  • 0340617
  • Website
  • What do our customers think

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  • Sandy 15/02/2011   13:44:39
    "Organisation is run by robots or maybe morons"

    I am being chased by Fredrickson International & Bryan Carter Solicitors for a debt I do not owe, I have advised them on four occasions by email but somebody or something just keeps pressing a button and sending out the same old crap! I now waiting for them to issue proceedings which I will contest and hopfully make them look stupid. My advise to anybody dealing with problems, not just debt, is to do it in writing and obtain a proof of posting or send by Recorded Delivery, that way you have some evidence of what has been said, which could be used if it came to court proceedings, if you telephone them they have means of recording the conversation whereas you may not. It also gives to time to reflect on what you have written before sending making any adjustments - just a shame life hasn't got the redo button! Last of all DO NOT be frightened of these Debt Collecting Bullies - they do have to be seen to be reasonable.

    rita 21/02/2011   22:39:04

    oh i am frightened of them Sandy, esp since our council has stopped the money advice service we used, due to cutbacks. iuse a phone box to ring them, i was always advised by debt advisoer never to speak to them on my own phone, as they can get the number. the thing is my husband did borrow the money, i can see they want there money, i know we have to pay it, they are just so unreasonable. we had 13 creditors now we have 4, so we are paying debt off as fast as we can. everyone else has been so reasonable, stopped adding interest, but this lot just plain opposite. thanks for your post i hope you win rita

    R S Campbell 23/02/2011   15:52:03

    Fredrickson are not only the lowest of the low in dealing with people they are also very good at hiding behind another Bryan Carter but if stand up to them and write and complain about them trust me they dont like it as they have had so many they tend to leave you alone

    rita 25/02/2011   00:14:16

    who do you write you about them, because we just can't pay anymore than we are right now. we know we have to pay them and we will, it will just take a long time our debt was down to £7,000, then handed over to fredericksons, the following month they put it up to £10,400 and won't tell us why, we have never missed payments to anyone, we had got this debt down from £12,000 to £7,000. even the council money advice people couldn't get an answer from them, and they where part of trading standards, so please Mr/Ms Campbell please tell us who to wrtie to. thank you for your time rita

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  • rita 14/02/2011   22:44:15
    "b carter"

    toni when i set my standing order up, fredricksons told me on phone the payment would be under the name b carter, hope this helps, its still the same company, do they frighten you like they do me?

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