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Past Due Credit Solutions is a debt recovery company.

They buy debt that is in arrears from finance companies, telecommunications suppliers and other companies that you may have fallen behind on your repayments to. Despite them buying the debt for much less than you owe, they will usually chase you for the full amount of the debt.

Many debt recovery companies have been accused of trying to force customers to pay more than they can afford each month. This breaks rules set out by the Office of Fair Trading.

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Here’s some information we’ve collected about this creditor. Please note this information may not be up to date and was accurate at the last time we updated it (September 2011).

Company Name - Past Due Credit Solutions

  • Correspondence Address
  • 4 Blair Court
    North Avenue
    Clydebank Business Park
    G81 2LA
  • Reg Company Number
  • SC287794
  • Parent Company
  • N/A
  • Registered Address
  • 4 Blair Court
    North Avenue
    Clydebank Business Park
    G81 2LA
  • FCA Licence
  • N/A
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Reviews for Past Due Credit Solutions

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  • Gemma 03/11/2012   00:33:41
    "Disgrace of a company"

    I will start by saying that there are some very nice staff members working for this company and they deserve a mention for being helpful and understanding however, there are those that are not so good at their job and wind up resorting to nothing short of bullying tactics. I experienced that this week when I rang up to make my monthly payment. It was due to be paid on the 29th Oct and I rang on the 31st as I had been working the previous 2 days. I was told I would need to do an income and expenditure over the phone by a less than patient staff member. As a working single mum to 3 children I'll admit I do forget things and had overlooked the date but was only 2 days late in ringing to make my payment. I was told that my disposable income was too high (Ha!!!! What a joke, if only!!!) and that I would have to pay the remaining outstanding balance in 2 payments. Considering they don't take into account certain things that I have to pay out, my disposable income was nowhere the figure they were claiming and after ending the call with a less than helpful staff member I realised that a couple more outgoings had been overlooked. I rang back to correct this error as I genuinely want this debt resolved (I might add that it actually wasn't my fault in the first place but that's a whole other story!!!) and spoke to someone willing to help. I explained the situation (that the other member of staff wouldn't let me make my usual £30 payment as I was 2 days overdue to pay and was demanding almost £100) I was advised to ring the following morning when it was a new calendar month and my payment plan could be reset. This was not to be the case, a rather snotty female manager answered my call and told me that I hadn't been advised I could reset my payment plan. After much disagreement and a suggestion that she may want to consider some extra staff training I terminated the call in frustration. Later that day someone had the nerve to call and ask why I hadn't made my payment!!!

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  • Mr S Green 09/03/2012   17:25:06
    "Unprofessional and Incompetent"

    This company uses coercion and verbal aggression to try and desperately secure money from you, even if you don't owe the alleged debt. They claimed to be working for NPower to recover £175 of outstanding money from a gas bill! The staff don't seem to know the guidance and legislation around good practice in the debt recovery industry. If you challenge them they inform you they are going to "terminate the call" Despite all the empty legal threats etc they handed back the alleged debt to NPower after 180 days. They hadn't secured a penny of the debt I was alleged to have owed. I would advise everybody to make a Subject Access Request because the records they claimed to hold regarding my case are, if as stated, wildly inaccurate. I believe however they simply deliberately misquote information as part of a coercive strategy to make you part with money. I await the response to my request to determine which is actually the case. The only thing they do well is attempt to verify your identity before discussing your case. I suppose this justifies a one star rating, would have liked an option for none though. My advice - don't be bullied by these renegades. In my experience they don't even seem to know what they are doing. Complain about everything that you are not happy with and then chase them for a response. They really don't like it as they honestly believe that they are doing a good job. If incompetence and unprofessional conduct are their aspirations then they have succeeded big time.

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