Debt collectors

Debt collection/Debt recovery companies are businesses that ‘collect’ or ‘recover’ debt payments owed by customers to another company, for example a bank or utilities provider. There are two reasons why companies such as CK Edrupt & Co Solicitors or Redcastle Recoveries are chasing you for payment: they’ve been instructed to do so by a company you owe money to or they’ve actually bought your debt off that company.

A debt collector’s job is to secure payments; where they’re working on someone’s behalf, they earn a commission for the debts they recover and where they’ve bought the debt, they need to make sure they get their money back. Their business model is usually reflected in their approach: From our customers we know that the letters and phone calls they receive from them can be harassing, even threatening. These companies will try very hard to make you repay the full amount and often won’t stop chasing you.

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